This how-to is meant to be as a hand-book for experienced user.

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Backup your router before playing with this. Unexpected things might happen. Guys from deconz did great job when tuning their official raspberry Pi image - that's not the case with this manual. At least so far. If deConz is the only way to control your bathroom lights, ensure you have headlamps for your family members before you'll start with following experimental-graded procedure. Configure external USB, msata storage as described here.

Don't be surprised to see such reconnects in dmesg. As there is new Turris OS release in preparations, I don't want to spent time by debugging this. Vendor expects current raspbian, which is based on Debian Buster 3 of armv7l architecture. Use Luci GUI instead. There is plan to remove this dependency from deconz. We need to pass this device into LXC container.

That's not case in containerized OS from obvious reasons but we can steal the proper file from raspberryPi running systemd and having USB dongle plugged. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search. Lot of business logic is implemented in built-in MCU running proprietary firmware. Deconzvendor link is management software for ZigBee networks, able to work with Conbee II and other adapters. Phoscon vendor link is web application providing GUI to Deconz software.

Phoscon is currently closed-source 1.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

ConBee 2 with Home Assistant

It's a python plugin for Domoticz home automation application. It can work with an headless mode but you can use their GUI, for maintenance, support, look at traffic, set attributes, manage router, use command like identify:. Domoticz : current stable version.

Python : You need the requests library, if you have error message like "Module Import failed: ' Name: requests'", you probably miss it, to install it just type:.

Take care if you have too many devices, at startup, the plugin adds ALL your devices from deCONZ in domoticz except those who are in banned file. Finally, you can see more devices than you have in reality. You can't use the native function in domoticz for switch activation devicesbecause this plugin trigger device event for useless information, like battery level.

So instead of using trigger event, you need to use button detected.

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Some LUA examples for sensors. Using LUA to change setting on the fly. Create a color loop effect with zigbee bulb. Don't take care about the error message Error: deCONZ : Socket Shutdown Error: 9, Bad file descriptor I know where is the problem the problem, but I haven't find a way to avoid it, But it change nothing on working mode. If you add devices or change devices name for example in Phoscon after the plugin have started, the plugin will de desynchronized, and you will have this kind of error message Skip to content.

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Python Branch: master. Find file.

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Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. It can work with an headless mode but you can use their GUI, for maintenance, support, look at traffic, set attributes, manage router, use command like identify: You can use their Web app, for devices management, pairing, groups, scenes, events, ect Python : You need the requests library, if you have error message like "Module Import failed: ' Name: requests'", you probably miss it, to install it just type: sudo -H pip3 install requests sudo -H pip install requests Installation.

Enable the plugin in hardware page hardware page, select deconz plugin, click "update". Run: git pull Just restart the plugin, hardware page, select deconz plugin, clic "update". The plugin works better with websocketnotifyall option set to true it's the configuration by default.

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At every start, it synchronises the deCONZ network with yours domoticz devices, so if you delete a device, at next startup, it will be re-created, so to prevent that, you can put the adress in the banned. Don't worry about the name, the plugin never updates name even you change it in deCONZ to prevent problems with scripts. It can also give some information like your used websocket port.

You have some others examples here : Some LUA examples for sensors. Known issues.This means you only need one hub to control them all, not one for each brand. If you want it is also possible to use a headless version. However I recommend the desktop version over the headless version because even if you only need the Phoscon web-interface in the day-to-day use, the desktop version will make it possible to interact with deCONZ directly.

A helpful tool for future diagnostics. Press Select image and select the Raspbian Stretch image file. Then click Select drive and select your SD-Card. Click Flash! Connect the Raspberry Pi to your router with an Ethernet cable and then connect the power supply. Log in to the Phoscon web interface and select your ZigBee interface, then log in. To get to the menu click the three horizontal lines up in the left corner.

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Under Devices you have LightsSwitches and Sensors. If you are adding a light the Searching for new device will start.

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If you are adding a switch or sensor the vendor and type must be selected Just follow the instructions. If the device is not found try moving closer to the ZigBee interface. When you are finished with adding devices you can can configure remotes, lights, rules, scenes etc in the main menu:. This is where you can connect to 3rd party systems. Here you can se more details about you ZigBee network and do more advanced configuration, but this is above the scope of this guide. Connect and log in There is three ways to log in to the device.

This is the main way to configure and control the ZigBee network. Leave a Comment. Close Menu.Add New Device When purchasing through supported device affiliated links you support this site! Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Controller. Bitron Wall Thermostat. Centralite 3-Series Pearl Thermostat. Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee Radiator Thermostat.

Stelpro Built-In Electronic Thermostat. Amelech Triac Controller Trailing Edge.

Setup Ikea Trådfri with deCONZ in Home Assistant

Aurora Aone 4. Aurora AOne 5. Aurora AOne 9. Centralite 3-Series Night Light Repeater. Gledopto LED Dimmer. Hampton Bay 12 in. Hive Light Dimmable Bulb B Hive Light Dimmable Bulb E Innr Candle Colour Bulb E Innr Candle Comfort Bulb E Innr Candle White E14 Bulb.

Innr Dimmable White Bulb E Innr Filament Bulb Vintage B Innr Filament Bulb Vintage E Innr Filament Bulb White E Innr Tunable White B22 Bulb. Innr Tunable White E27 Bulb. Innr Under Cabinet Light. Linkind 5. Linkind 6. Moes Smart Light Dimmer. Nanoleaf Smart Ivy E27 Bulb. Paulmann Recessed Luminaire 3. Philips Hue Amaze Suspension Light. Philips Hue Aphelion Downlight.Welcome to the 4th part of a series on the Phoscon Zigbee Gateway. This section will focus on Node-Red Integration.

Getting started with Node-Red has been extensively covered. A WebSocket server sends push notifications for real-time feedback from things like motion sensors or switches.

You can only provide interactions between the devices it talks to. Node-Red has built-in capability for connecting to a Web-socket server. This is a very basic connection to receive sensor events from deCONZ.

The basic steps to set up the connection are as follows. You should now have a functional connection. Of course, this connection does very little without additional nodes to process the input you receive. The simplest way to test your connection is to add a debug node to the output of the WebSocket node and initiate an event from a Zigbee button or sensor.

I process my received events and output the result over MQTT. As such I have made available my processing logic as a gist that can be imported into your Node-Red instance. Use the IP address and the port of your gateway. Before sending the request the gateway must be first be unlocked. That process is described below. In the response body, the new API key is in the field username.

Save this key. All API requests will need it. Also included are the deCONZ device names. For a dimmable light, I have once again created a gist. It can be imported to show this setup.


Explore all the ways Node-Red can be used to interact with and manipulate your devices. We originally contributed this series of articles to the Smarter Home Club Blog starting on November 11, We are reposting it here to ensure our content remains available to all. Small corrections for grammar and spelling or dead links may have been made in the reposting. Tags: conbee deconz Node-Red phoscon raspbee zigbee. A WebSocket server sends push notifications for real-time feedback from things like motion sensors or switches A REST API: This allows third-party applications easy monitoring and control of a Zigbee network from local or remote operating clients.

Add a web-socket input node to your flow: 2. Edit the new node. Change the type to Connect to b. Click the edit pencil next to Add New websocket-client 3. Send your key request within 60 seconds.First things first. Now you should be good to go with the installation. Sign in to Home Assistant and go to Hass. Go to Hass. Copy it! Note that the path is in my case actually a symlink.

For me, it worked using the path shown in the image above, but I looked up the real path on my Ubuntu server and used that instead. Now, go to Hass. Now you should be presented with a setup guide. You can leave the host name as default, or choose whatever you like. Select a password and click on Next. Chose to continue without setting up any lights.

deconz gateway

I found out it was much easier to do it inside the application later on. You want to keep using Home Assistant for grouping. Now, deCONZ is setup and ready to be configured. First, we need to get rid of the old Ikea integration if you have it setup. Go back to Home Assistant and to Hass. Try out the remote to see that it does not trigger any lights no more.

Now comes the tricky part. For the driver to enter pairing mode, it must be factory reseted. Using a paper clip, hold down the reset button on the driver for 10 seconds. The lights connected to the driver should make an indication in any way.

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If everything goes right, the driver should appear in deCONZ, but please be patient! For me, it took several seconds after the driver entered pairing mode until it apperad in the application. During my testings, I sometimes even needed to try pair it several times. When the driver finally appears, click on it to open it, click the pen icon next to the name, give it a name and click on Rename.

Once again, open the left menu and go to Lights and Add new light yes — we will add the outlet as a light. As for the driver, the outlet must enter pairing mode which is done by factory reset the outlet. Using a paper clip, hold down the factory reset button for 10 seconds. The LED on the outlet will indicate that the device has entered pairing mode the outlet will also cut the electrical output for a short moment of time, so you might want to disconnect any devices connected to the outlet.

Again, have patiance for the device to appear in deCONZ. You might need to try more then once. When the outlet appears, click on it to open it, click the pen icon next to the name, give it a name and click on Rename.


If you still want to use a remote to manually control your devices, it has to be added to deCONZ. Pair the remote by pressing the button on the back 4 times within 5 seconds. For me, it took several times before the remote actually paired with the ConBee stick, so be patient! Once the remote is paried, go ahead and click on it to open it, click the pen icon next to the name, give it a name and click on Rename.

Now, go back to the mainpage and you will notice that a group for the remote has been automatically created.Login or Sign Up.

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Forums Shop Downloads. Conbee USB Stick. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I was looking at the manual for this controller and I am wondering if this is out of my wheelhouse. Just how difficult is it to set up this controller with windows and with homeseer? Is there an easier way for someone who doesn't program or code? Any explanation would be helpful. Tags: None. November 15th,PM. It should not be much more difficult then installing a zwave usb stick.

A popup window will start giving you the link to the webapp. Click the link and in the browser the webapp will start. Here you will be notified that a new firmware for the ConBee is waiting. Click install. From this point you can go to the plugin and register the new Conbee for the plugin.

Adding new lights can be done through the configuration page, by clicking scan new devices. At the same time you can look at the deCONZ interface not needed, but always fun and see the devices getiing connected. Last edited by w. Reason: adding unlock gateway Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by w. I will check to make the manual less scary I guess Wim.

OK, I got this first window, pic1, where I got to step 8 but after that it was different. Top pic shows the window with the conbee stick as 0x Bottom pics put together shows the webapp. Not sure what to do from here. The plug-in does not recognize it.

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